Friday, August 29, 2008

our summer...

This summer was nothing very exciting, but we did have funtimes playing outside and swimming at grandma's. I planted some flowers this spring, and though they didn't turn out like I'd planned, they still looked pretty good for my first time.

Landon starts preschool this next week. He got to meet his teacher and pick out his seat in their classroom last week. He thought that was way cool and is pretty excited to go. He has been saying some rather funny things lately, too bad I can never remember them! He learns new words and tries using them, with confidence I might add, which makes it all the funnier, but he uses them just a little bit off, or totally wrong. Once in a while he gets it right on the money though. The other day he called Nate 'chap'. We both had a good laugh at that one.

Sawyer just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is a cute smiley little guy. He started sucking his thumb a bit, but I haven't noticed it much lately. It was sure cute though. He's rolling onto his sides a lot more now and just being a silly giggly baby.

Nate started school this week and has gone part time at Larson Davis. We are glad that he is finally home for a couple of hours each day with us. Landon misses daddy being home at night, but at least now he's home a little more.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just for those wondering what the heck that is a picture of at the top of our blog, it is two icicles (really close up) that were growing from our roof this last winter with the sunset behind them. I know, it's just lovely isn't it. I'm so talented! hehe jk :)