Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Traditions

I admit it, I believed in the Easter Bunny when I was growing up. I even remember a time on Easter Sunday when we were walking to church and we saw a bunny at someone's door and we were sure that was the Easter Bunny. But, as cute as the Cadbury bunny is (you know, the one that clucks), I have decided to downplay the bunny side of Easter. I wanted to make sure we remembered that Easter was about Christ and not bunnies and chicks and eggs. So, for our new Easter tradition I got us a Church movie (Mountain of the Lord - I love it, be sure and watch it!) and a new tie for the boys (because I have to dress up my boys somehow). Each year the boys will get some sort of church media (music cd, movie, book) and a tie. :) I even got Nate a tie that coordinated with Landon's; I unfortunately couldn't find one for Sawyer. So, that is my attempt to make our Easter baskets more about Christ and less about Bunnies.
I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic this year. I resurrected a few things that I did growing up with my family for Easter. We colored eggs the old-fashioned way with food coloring, vinegar and boiling water (the colors are soooo much better and brighter and faster that way), and used crayons, and rubber bands and double-dipping colors to make them look oooh so nice.

My other nostalgic moment was when I bought those Whopper eggs that you can lick and then color your lips with. I remember doing that oh so many times with my sisters. I introduced Landon to the excitement of blue easter egg lips.

Easter morning we woke up and had Landon hunt for his basket and some eggs we hid around the house for him. Since Sawyer just made out like a bandit at his birthday the week before, we just gave him some 'little puffs' which worked out well, because he ended up playing with the empty easter eggs instead.
Sleepy Easter Smiles
what cute boys I have :)

Nate thought he was being funny, giving me a sleepy, cheesy, happy easter face, but I think he looks super handsome in this picture! hehe ;)

(Sawyer is hitting Landon with an egg in the smiling picture)

That evening we had dinner at the Harris home and the annual easter egg hunt. For those that don't know about the Harris Egg Hunt, let me just tell you. Mom and Dad put money in the eggs for the kids to find, and the Harris children are so gung-ho that we have to have a separate egg hunt for the youngters. It is quite the sight, let me tell you. Grown-ups darting around the yard trying to find the most eggs in order to increase their chances of getting more money! It's awesome. I'm happy to say that I got $10.00 out of it this year. :)

And yes, here are both my children making the exact same "face" that Sawyer is famous for.
Is that awesome or what?

Happy Easter!

Finally . . .

. . . I'm actually updating my blog, and yes it will be a mass update so if you don't have several minutes to devote to our little family, come back later. :)

. . . Sawyer is one year old and he is finally sleeping in his own bed in his room and even mostly sleeping through the night. I can't believe he is already a year old! It has gone by so fast! I love our cute little Sawyer. He is such a funny character, with a personality all his own. What would we do with out him?
We had a little birthday party for his first year. Here's the sweet cake(s) I made him.
He had a sweet haul on birthday presents, and yes, he pretty much made this same face through the whole evening!
Like I said . . . the same face all night!

He dug right into his cake, and even dumped it on the floor a few times. He seemed to enjoy what he ate of it, but really liked squishing it through his fingers.

Happy Birthday Sawyer!