Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Holiday

The holidays came and went so quickly, I hardly know what to think. Christmas eve we had dinner at Nate's parents and did our new 'good' white elephant gift game. We each buy a quality 15.00 white elephant gift to exchange. It was fun times. We were the proud recipients of a Snuggie. Yes, that's right, we now own a Snuggie. I'll admit, I had a good laugh when the gift was opened, but Landon commented when it was my turn that he wanted the Snuggie, and when Nate ended up with it, he was rather excited and has used it quite frequently.

We started a new tradition of getting new pajamas on Christmas eve. We had told Landon that we'd all be opening one gift that night and then I made sure to tell him it wasn't a toy so he didn't get his hopes up. I expected a dejected sigh when he opened them, but he was actually excited about them. Yeah!

Christmas morning was lots of fun with Sawyer being a little older and of course Landon being super excited. The boys got some sweet gifts this year, Nate went a little crazy shopping. Landon finally got the one thing he's wanted for the last few years, a remote control helicopter. Sawyer has been loving Elmo lately, so I thought I got him the one thing he wanted most...but it didn't start out that way. :) Sawyer seemed most excited about the little box of goldfish he got in his stocking. He enjoyed them thoroughly. Nate and I spent the better part of an hour putting together a Knect roller coaster from Santa. The boys thought it was 'awesome.' Probably my favorite part of the morning was when Landon did a sweet "I love Christmas" dance. After enjoying our Christmas gifts and goldfish for a while, we ate brunch at the Harris'. The rest of the day was spent playing monopoly with the family, and snoozing.
Here's a clip of the highlights: