Thursday, March 4, 2010

All Things New

I've made some changes in my life, I've lost 20 pounds and look hot in a swimsuit, and ....okay so I'm just kidding, but that's my goal right? So, really though, there are a few new things in my life. I am now working again and I actually like it. :) Granted, I haven't quite worked 2 weeks yet, but it's been a lot of fun. Another new is my hair color. Yeah, I know, not very exciting for you, but I was in great need of a change. Here's my sweet self-portrait (haha). I love it! (the hair color, not the self-portrait) :)

Other things new...
Nate will finish his last official night at the hospital today and will finally be home in the evenings! Yeah! He's looking forward to sleep for now, but also to be able to have plenty of time to work on our yard as it warms up and to play ball.
I buzzed Sawyer's head and he looks like an older boy now. My sweet baby isn't quite a baby anymore. He'll be two next month and I can not believe it! He's such a little goof. As much as he drives me crazy, I couldn't love him any more! He's my sweet, cute, soft, squishy baby boy who recently loves 'Pig' (The movie Babe) and anything to do with dogs, as long as they're a good distance away from him.
Landon is reading! He's doing so good. It's so exciting (especially when he doesn't complain) to hear him do his reading homework. It's been a lot of fun this school year to help in his class, meet his little friends and see him in action in school. He's such a character. I love when I pick him up from school and he tells me, "Mom, I had the best day at school today." What more could a mom ask for.