Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is the costume Lori worked so hard on this year. She's the best. Love you honey!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harris Halloween

Here are some pictures from our Halloween Party the week before Halloween. It turned out pretty well. We played some games, ate some food, and had some fun. :)

Best Costume Winners
Lori, Becky, Paul

Keith, NaLynn, and Preston
(somehow NaLynn escaped our camera!)

Ryan & Megan

Ron & Becky

Natalie & Tawny

The Wolf Family
(Adam, Kate, Gabe, & Amber)

The Malan Family
(Kate, Cameron, Paul, Corbin, Craig & Wendy)

The Harris Family
(Nate, Lori, Sawyer & Landon)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Got Talent?

Here are our talented boys showing off their latest feats!

Landon doing tricks on the wall!

Sawyer sucking on his foot!

Is cute a talent?

Landon's Birthday

Landon is now five years old! I can't believe he is getting so big! He is in preschool this year and for his birthday celebration he got to take a poster with things he loves on it, bag full of 'show and tell' items, and of course a treat. He also got this sweet birthday crown from preschool, which we made him wear on his actual birthday too.

Landon has gotten into Star Wars, so he got several Star Wars characters for his birthday and even a Darth Vader costume for Halloween.

He wanted a Spider Man cake, so I decided to be creative and decorate it myself. Pretty sweet eh?

Appendicitis Anyone?

I have joined the Appendectomy Club! Woohoo! Yes, I had to have my silly appendix out last month. Ridiculous, I know -- Didn't I just have a C-Section five months ago??? For those who want the story, here it is.
I had been having stomach cramps for a few days (thought is was gas :)). Then on Sunday (of course) I woke up with aching and pain in my right side. I wondered which side your appendix was on, so I went and looked it up on WebMD and of course, I had all the symptoms. Nate and I debated for a few minutes whether or not to go to Instacare and finally, because of Nate's schedule and stuff, we decided we should probably go in and just have it checked out.
At Instacare I told the Doctor my symptoms and he said, "So, you're the one. Every day we have one person come in with chest pain, and one person with a possible appendicitis." I thought, "Oh, wonderful!"
So he sent us over to AF hospital to get a CT Scan and then, when it was sure I had an appendicitis, they moved me right into surgery and I was home that night by 10:30pm. It was a lovely day, to be sure. The recovery was okay. The first few days stunk, but after that things healed up really quickly.
So, although it is tons of fun, membership fees are horrendous and there are no real perks to being part of the club, except one less body part to worry about!


When Landon was about three years old he fell and bumped his front teeth and of course they died. In September they abscessed, so he had to have them pulled. Here's a silly picture with him sporting Dad's goofy hunting hat and his toothless grin. He now has some sweet fake teeth to fill in the gaps till his permanent teeth grow in.