Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Days of Halloween

Day 1:  Friday
Friday began with Halloween for Landon.  He got to wear his costume to school, and since he couldnt wear his mask, I painted his face.  Sawyer (wearing his dog costume) and I went to Landon's school to watch him in the school costume parade.

That evening we had our ward halloween party.  I was medusa and Nate was a disco dude.  Jeanette did my makeup which turned out pretty cool, good job Nettie!  The party was alot of fun.  We had the traditional ward Salmon fry, which was delicious and then a costume parade of the kids and trunk or treating to finish it off. 

Day 2:  Saturday
That evening was supposed to be trick or treating, but with the weather, we had to improvise.  We trick or treated at Grandma and Grandpa Harris' and Pitts' and that turned out to be plenty of fun for the boys. They got enough candy from the trunk or treat Friday night that they were okay in the candy department, plus Landon had fun giving out candy to the handful of trickortreaters that came to our house. 

Day 3:  Sunday
Halloween evening we had our Harris Family Halloween Party.  It turned out pretty good.  We had chicken noodle soup and some other goodies brought by family.  We had our costume contest, and played a 'name that scary movie' game. I think we had some awesome costumes this year! here are some pics for you to enjoy!

Amber had an awesome Egyptian costume
 Nan & Jared as Nightmare Before Christmas
Becky and Ron as an Alien and a Lunch Worker
 Sawyer decided he didn't want to wear his dog costume, 
so he wore Landon's power ranger costume and was a muscle man.
 Ryan and Megan as a Dirt Biker and an Oompa Loompa
Nate and Lori as a Chipendale Dancer--censored for your benefit ;) and a last minute drapery ghost
 Becky was our winner
with Megan in 2nd
and Nan and Jared in 3rd