Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sucked right in . . .

I hopped on the computer to look up a card idea for primary for father's day this Sunday. I scrolled down to find more info. I clicked on a link. I clicked on another. And another. And another.
This is what I ended up with:

*I've been wanting a creative way to put up our house number....this might be it.

courtesy of: http://www.positivelysplendid.com/2010/05/tiered-terra-cotta-planter.html

*I've also been wanting to make a topiary or two for my home.

I haven't yet, cause I want a good sized one and styrofoam balls are unnecessarily expensive.
This tutorial shows how to make one by making the ball out of crinkled up newspaper! Yes, I did just go and get today's ads from the trash. I think I'll use a stick for the post and maybe add flowers too.

*I'd love to do this (or have nate help me do this) to our bathroom mirror one day.


*I like this idea, maybe I'll use a version of it in my bedroom.

Okay, so maybe I've become a project junkie.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Post Day

It's one of those days where I've posted several things, so feel free to read on...and on....like you have nothing better to do. :)

Finishing my Bedroom

I have mostly finished my bedroom.
I still need to:
Refinish the side tables
Finish window treatments
Print and hang pictures
Find a bedskirt

Since that is going to be ongoing I've decided to just post pictures now, and since I forgot to take before pictures, you'll just have to imagine a plain bedroom.

Please excuse the ghetto TV and cords.

I plan on getting enlargements of these pictures to hang on the turquoise wall.

Okay, so it's not that great, but at least my bedroom is officially "decorated." :)


I sadly cannot go to the bead fair with my friend Beckie this weekend. On a happy note we'll be going to the zoo as a family.

I happily found out that the third book in the Hunger Games series is coming, but sadly not until August 24th. Even more sadly I am 215th in line at the library. Happily they did order 30 copies, so it should go by quickly, but again I sadly have to wait till August.

I cut about 5 inches off my way too long hair. Happily it is cooler and quicker to fix. Sadly, I kinda miss my long locks. Happily/Sadly take your pick, I didn't change my style, just the length (it is still below my shoulders). Hopefully that's a good thing. :)

Newly Discovered Fun

I came across an idea some time ago for something fun to do outside, and finally the other day I actually remembered it at just the right time! I was painting some frames outside and the boys wanted to paint too. So we got out some old paintbrushes, a bucket with water and let them paint the patio. They were completely entertained for more than an hour. Who knew?

This Sunday I took Sawyer into nursery and one of the sisters started playing with him. After about 10 minutes when more kids came in, he was completely distracted and I snuck out. I expected them to bring him to me shortly there after, but 10 minutes went by . . . then 30 . . . and then church was over! He made it all the way through nursery with no crying!! Hooray! Yes, I know, he's two and should have been acclimated to nursery by now, but for those who don't know Sawyer, he's my crying puker. So, just letting him cry it out isn't really an option for me. So with me in primary and Nate teaching, he didn't get to go to nursery regularly. Last Sunday Nate was able to take him to nursery and they stayed the whole time (Sawyer usually wants to leave halfway through). I have no idea why this Sunday was the day, and I don't know if next Sunday will go as well, but I'm so glad that we had one happy nursery experience!