Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Sweet Landon


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Landon turns 8

Yes, it's true. My sweet, not so little Landon is 8  

I think he ended up having a great birthday.  Sunday we met with the Harris Family and had cake and icecream and he got to open all his presents.  We gave him scriptures and a case and a couple t-shirts and a Ben-10 Wii game.  He also got legos, yoyo's, more clothes and a book.
He wanted a Green Lantern cake, so instead of just the boring logo, I found a nice muscly arm and the glowing Green Lantern ring.  

 On Monday, his actual birthday, I made him his favorite mini-muffins for breakfast. Sawyer and I spent the time while Landon was at school getting things ready for his birthday party.  Someone gave me the idea once to have birthday parties every other year starting with 6 and that way you catch all the important birthdays.  I liked that idea since parties kinda stress me out and cost a lot. 
Landon invited 11 friends to his party.  We decorated cupcakes, opened presents and played a few games.  He got many more legos, another yoyo, some way cute personalized bingo cards, a puzzle and some other things I can't remember. 

I made each of his friends pose with him as they gave him their gift.
Landon This Year:

He loves homemade chicken noodle soup and mac and cheese, and Cheez-its. 
He has developed a great football throwing arm, a pretty good basketball shot, and finally mastered riding his bike.
Favorite song: Firefly
Favorite Shows: Wipeout, Power Rangers, Ben-10

He has a great sense of humor and loves to tease.  He's a great big brother (still) and such a sweet boy.  He's still always good for a hug and a kiss whenever I need one.
He's a great reader, but he still looks at it as work.  I can't wait till he actually wants to read.

I picked him up at his classroom the other day and as we walked through the school on our way out several different friends said, "Bye Lando!"  He wanted a nickname, and that was the one that he picked.  His teacher told me that in class he declared Fridays official "Lando Day", which meant they had to call him Lando that day.  What a goof.   Last year he would sign his papers with Landon, Lando or Nathan.  Mrs. Wells was getting confused so we told him he had to stick with Landon on his papers.  :)
I love you Landon!