Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catching Up

I am so very behind so here's some catching up:

For some reason my boys can't seem to loose their front teeth like normal children, they have to fall and hit them and get them pulled.  Sawyer fell on a Friday at the beginning of November and I didn't realize he'd hit his tooth.  Sunday morning his gums and lip were swollen and his tooth had moved and was loose.  Wonderful.  I called the dentist the next day and we got him in.  They said we could either have it pulled or try and do a root canal which might not last long enough.  We opted to pull it and be done with it.  Sawyer is amazing at the dentist.  As soon as he gets into the chair he lays back closes his eyes and opens his mouth.  The dentist told him that he was amazing while he did the work and Sawyer said "I know". 

 He put his tooth under his pillow when he went to bed and awoke to find this cute little envelope with a gold dollar in it.  He was so excited. :)

  Our silly snaggle-toothed boy.

Sawyer seems to be attached to his hat of late.  Several times he's gone to bed with it on.  One night I heard a noise and found that he'd gotten up to go to the bathroom and had first put his hat on which had fallen off while he slept.  

Landon's Special Day
I can't believe our boy is baptized! Landon is such a good boy. I am so proud of him for taking this big step in his life.  He was so excited.  That morning I asked him about it and he said that he was a little nervous and excited.  When Nate pulled him out of the water Landon freaked out a bit, he said he was afraid dad was going to keep him under too long. :) As primary president I've been to a lot of baptisms and the boys always seem to take longer to get dressed afterwards.  Nate and Landon set a record for the speediest clothing change. Landon said it was because he was so cold. :) After the baptism and confirmation we had family over for a little lunch of Landon's requested homemade chicken noodle soup and rolls with apples and toffee dip. 

Landon invited his teacher Mrs. Wells and her daughter who subs for his class, Mrs. Amberlee.  We were so glad they could come.

Sister Rowland, Landon's primary teacher, was able to come too.

Landon also invited his three best buds from church: Ethan, Dylan, and Damon.

On halloween we went to teh school for their costume parade.  Of course we waited and waited for Landon and then sawyer had to go to the bathroom.  We were afraid we'd miss him. We ended up just sitting in the hallway which had a much better view. I'll have to remember that for next year.  So when we saw Landon, Sawyer ran up and gave him a hug and then finished the costume parade with him. (Sorry for the blurry pics -- Sawyer had switched my camera to manual focus and I didn't realize for a bit.)

My newest addition to our Halloween decorations.  
Candlestick holder:  DI for two bucks
Skulls: we already had them
Eyeballs: one package of dollar store ornaments painted like eyeballs
Battery tea lights: two packages of three at the dollar store

Friday, November 18, 2011

I have many blog posts in the works . . .

but for now here's a sweet note from my sweet Landon.
(Also had a great idea, scan all my cute notes and cards and then make a photobook with them.)