Friday, April 23, 2010


I drive by this orchard pretty much everyday. I'm glad it's in my daily routes, I love to look at it. The other day when it rained it looked absolutely amazing. I just had to try and get some photos of it. The pink blossoms were so vibrant against the gloomy sky, and the grass so very green. I love spring.

In this same orchard is this old, dilapidated structure, which for some reason fascinates me. I love to look at it.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love to see the temple

For the longest time I've been wanting to take my own picture of the Timpanogos Temple to have in our home. I've wanted to do it in the spring when the blossoms and tulips are out, and finally today I made an attempt. The sun was super bright and gave me some sweet lens flare, which was fun to play with. I think I actually got a few shots I like. Here are my favorites.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Throw pillows anyone?

I was browsing for some great ideas for throw pillows for the bedroom and found these. Just thought I'd share with you! Hope they inspire you! hehe

Happy Day!

Good News!! I found my beads! I know you were all so concerned about them. ;) They were in between some books on the bookshelf -- go figure. Yeah!
When do you want to bead Beckie???

Friday, April 9, 2010


1. I am finally working on decorating our bedroom. That's always the last place you decorate in your house, right? Here are some of my inspirations, and I'll be sure and post photos when I've finished. I'll be making a duvet cover, pillows, shams, a bedskirt, and a headboard. Here's the awesomely cheap and easy headboard I found from She's Crafty:

2. I went to the Gem and Bead Show a couple of Saturdays ago and got some great beads and am looking forward to making some new jewelry. One small problem though, they have completely disappeared and I can't for the life of me figure out where they went. I last saw them on my dresser...has anyone seen them???? I'll be sooo very sad if I can't find them.
If . . . no, WHEN I find them, I'll be making something vaguely like this, along with many other things! :) (thanks for the idea Beckie)

3. I found a quilt that I think I could handle making. Yes, I know, I still need to put backing on and bind my muumuu quilt, but this is just a future idea. I think I'll make one to accent my bedroom. (photo courtesy of Rebekah Westover Photography)

3b. Finish my muumuu quilt. :)

4. I'd also like to recover my dining room chairs in the not too distant future. They came with cream colored seats, and needless to say, they are already worn. I'd like to recover them with a leather looking vinyl so they can be wiped clean and wonderfully I found vinyl for as little as 3.99 a yard at Home Fabrics. I love that store!

5. One last thing. We have two awesome wingback chairs that we would like to recover. One has been recovered in the past in an eighties paisley, so we're going to start with that one. It seems a little overwhelming to reupholster a whole chair, but the chairs are so great, we have to at least try.

I think that's plenty to keep me busy along with everything else I have to do! Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sawyer J Harris

My little Sawyer is 2 today. I couldn't love him more. He was a trouble maker from the start, with me in the hospital for 3 weeks, and then him being in the hospital for 2 weeks. He's a sweet stinker who loves keys, his new big wheel,
making messes elmo, curious george, his blanket, his binkie, his bottle playing outside, water hammers, tools in general.

I love
his sweet smile, his laugh, his love of all foods, his curiosity,
his soft squishy cheeks that I constantly kiss,
his pretty brown eyes, his cute mouth and all of the expressions it makes.

How can you not love this face?
Happy Birthday my terribly terrific two year old!