Monday, September 28, 2009

What language do you speak?

Landon and I were eating some Cheetos and for some reason he had languages on his mind and asked how you said "Cheetos" in Spanish. Then he asked how you say it in English and I told him that it was English. We speak English. He had a good laugh for a minute and then said "Mom, we don't speak English!" A little perplexed I asked, "What do we speak then?" He replied very matter-of-factly, "Mom, we speak Human."

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Completely Candid" Photo Challenge

So we found this fun little photography blog:
They have a weekly themed photo challenge, and we decided it would be fun to do it each week. So here's our first entry! Nate and I both loved this picture of Sawyer playing in the water in our backyard. He's such a goof, and loooves the water. He figured out that he can cover the end of the hose to make it spray farther, but didn't count in that it would spray himself as well, it took his breath away.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Photography

For those of you that are avid Harris Blog readers, you might remember me saying I wanted to learn to photograph babies like Kelley Ryden (whose sister, Tracy, was featured on the Today show last week, btw). Well, Amber was over one day and we had a few extra minutes so we tried some pictures of her 6 month old Lily. I'm still trying to work out how to get the lighting just right indoors, and the backgrounds to work, and the baskets to stay still, not to mention the baby (hehe), and the list goes on, but here are a few favorites. If anyone has babies they'd like to donate to the cause, let me know!

I messed around with this one in Photoshop and added an overlay to the background.
What do you think comparatively?

I love her expression in this one!

Building . . .

A great recipe for building birdhouses, playhouses, and father/son relationships:
All we needed was:
some wood and a hammer nails power tools some paint and a couple days off work.

It's amazing what fathers and sons can accomplish when they have time off. Nate and Landon have been talking all summer about building two things: 1. Birdhouses 2. A Playhouse
This past week they managed to accomplish both, with some help from Grandpa.
One day they spent a few hours making the birdhouses.
They cut, and hammered

and painted
and voila - two cute birdhouses.

Then on Saturday Grandpa Harris came over and helped Nate throw together a pretty sweet playhouse.

The finished Playhouse! (minus a paint job)Complete with a ladder that leads to a trapdoor and the roof/balcony!
Landon's favorite part

Sawyer thinks it's pretty awesome too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cute Little Annika

I babysat my little niece yesterday and of course had to try a few photos. She's such a cutie!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Belly Shots

I've always thought belly shots were a little cheesy, and haven't really seen any that I've liked, but my favorite photographer posted her belly shots, and of course they are beautiful! You have to check them out. Yes, I did say HAVE to. :)

Wet, Muddy, Fun!

We had a fun day playing in our backyard the other day. Sawyer loves the water and loves to play with the hose.

Sawyer had fun filling this bucket with water, but got a tad frustrated when he couldn't lift it. Like a good mom I laughed, took some pictures and then helped him carry it.

Half of our backyard is still dirt, and when you're playing with water and the dirt is so close by you can't help but make mud. Landon created a little mud hole and Sawyer thought it was fun to fling the mud around.

You just can't go through childhood with out making mud shoes and gloves!

You also can't go through childhood without tasting mud. It's not so great. But I guess you have to find out for yourself.


Yes, it's true. Sawyer has some mad skills. He can stick stuff to his nose. I'm sure the snot helped some, but wow, what skills. :) That's an 'o' from our tic-tac-toe game, in case you're wondering. Sawyer thought he was pretty darn funny, so did me and Landon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Just Touched Awkwardly

OK, so the feed was too big for the blog :) but check out this link for sure, it's well worth your time.