Monday, September 14, 2009

Building . . .

A great recipe for building birdhouses, playhouses, and father/son relationships:
All we needed was:
some wood and a hammer nails power tools some paint and a couple days off work.

It's amazing what fathers and sons can accomplish when they have time off. Nate and Landon have been talking all summer about building two things: 1. Birdhouses 2. A Playhouse
This past week they managed to accomplish both, with some help from Grandpa.
One day they spent a few hours making the birdhouses.
They cut, and hammered

and painted
and voila - two cute birdhouses.

Then on Saturday Grandpa Harris came over and helped Nate throw together a pretty sweet playhouse.

The finished Playhouse! (minus a paint job)Complete with a ladder that leads to a trapdoor and the roof/balcony!
Landon's favorite part

Sawyer thinks it's pretty awesome too.

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Julie said...

So cool! I wanna playhouse!