Thursday, August 27, 2009

Landon's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Landon started kindergarten today! Woohoo! I think he was pretty excited, and only a tad nervous. I was only a little choked up, but very excited to not hear 'I'm bored' quite as often. :).

Landon wearing his new transformers t-shirt, jeans,
shoes that tie, a superhero backpack and the smile of the day.
Landon's classroom door.
Landon sporting his sweet name tag.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fashion According to Sawyer

Sawyer has decided to become a fashion designer and set a new fashion trend around our house. The new trend is wearing food. Yes, that's right, food. I've captured his latest styles and wanted to share them with all you food and fashion buffs.

Here, Sawyer is wearing what we like to call waffles and applesauce, complete with a waffle cap, worn jauntily askew.
Notice the careful preparation that goes into Sawyer's designing.

Here is his other new piece called Oompa Loompa Ravioli. He has again chosen a cap, worn tilted to the side, but has decided to add a wonderful orange rouge to his cheeks, nose, chin, and lips, applied freely.
We are so proud of Sawyer and his design accomplishments. I especially love bathing him three times a day after each design session. (At least he's cute, right?) We have high hopes for this little artist!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Adventures

As many of you may know, it is $2.00 Tuesdays in August at Thanksgiving Point. My sister-in-law and I decided to go and check things out. It took us at least 10 minutes to get past the off ramp, 10 more to find a parking spot. While we were driving through the multitude of parking lots, we saw that the line for the dinosaur museum was huuuuge. We opted to go to Farm Country instead. We saved a 1.50 a person today (as opposed to the $6.00 each we would have saved at Dinoland), cured the kids boredom for a few hours, got plenty of sun, smelled a plethora of farm smells, saw some cute tiny baby bunnies, a baby goat, and a baby horse, stood in line for 45+ minutes for the kids to have a free pony ride, fed some of the animals, smelled all the animals, got Wendy's for lunch with Grandma, and had a super fun time.

Really Big Cow
cute baby horse
Landon petting the cute baby horse
Katelyn petting the cute baby horse
Two goats Landon told me to take a picture of
Landon got to ride the 2nd biggest horse
I thought this face was hillarious
Grandma braving the horse poop to keep Sawyer on his horse
Katelyn, our future Rodeo Queen, rode the biggest horse
Landon's new timeout room

Monday, August 10, 2009


I know she might kill me later, but I thought this picture of my sister turned out oh so beautiful, so I'm sharing it with all who view my blog (which I know is sooo many) hehe. Enjoy!

My Nate

I have a funny husband, for those of you that don't know him that well. He's funny. I like him. On one of our Saturday DI tours he found these pretty sweet cowboy boots, which were like brand spanking new, for $10.00. He sports them proudly. Like I said, Nate is funny. He makes me laugh. This smile is one of the first things that got my attention when we first met. I love his smile.