Monday, June 4, 2012

Lots of catching up to do . . .

I haven't felt like blogging forever.  Not sure why, just haven't.  But the longer I waited the more I didn't want to do it because that meant lots of catching up.  I finally forced myself to do it today.  :)  Enjoy!

This sweet puppy . . .

turned 1 in March!

She's such a pretty dog.  She's been doing so good for us, we've seen lots of improvement this spring especially, but she's still been so hard to get socialized.  She's so sweet, but she just wants to jump all over anyone new.  She does great with Landon now, but Sawyer is still a work in progress.  

Sawyer's Birthday and Easter:
Sawyer turned 4 on Easter this year, so it was double the fun.  We did presents as a family that morning and then went to church.

After church we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Harris for some Easter dinner, cake, ice cream, and presents for both Sawyer's birthday and Jared's birthday. 

and then the famous
Harris Easter Egg Hunt 

Real Salt Lake Games

Uncle Brian has season tickets to the Real Soccer games, and since two of his boys are on missions Nate and Landon have been able to go to several games with him and Tyler.  Landon has become a true fan.  He learned their theme song at the first game he went too.  :)  They've had a lot of fun together at the games and are glad Uncle Brian has given them the chance to go!


 This past Saturday Landon and Nate went fishing with Grandpa Harris.  They finally had a really successful fishing trip with a total catch of 48 fish.  Landon caught the biggest fish of the day.  That night we had a delicious fish fry! Yum!