Friday, December 17, 2010

Naughty and Nice

Naughty:  Sawyer decided that while I took a shower was a good time to be naughty.  I think he was right.  A friend gave us an advent calendar with chocolates in it.  He decided that he wanted more than just one and so he hopped on a stool, got down the calendar and opened several doors so he could have "just one more." I ended up making Landon his own count down and hiding it and then I let Sawyer just eat the rest of his calendar. 

Nice:  Sawyer gave Landon a sweet hug and called him his favorite brother.  Granted, he's his only brother, but it was super sweet. :)

Naughty:  Landon is the king stalling.  Lately he does not want to go to bed, or do his chores.  He must think he's the only poor child that has to do chores and go to bed early.  He likes to sneak out of his room and try and con me into letting him stay up just a little longer.  Sometimes it works, but only for a few minutes. The other day I had asked him to do his chores, and just minutes later I found him on the computer playing a game.  He claimed he forgot.  Good try dude.

Nice:  I love when Landon and Sawyer play well together.  It's so nice when Landon can keep Sawyer occupied and entertained so I can get things done, like make dinner.  He's a very sweet big brother, no wonder he's Sawyer's favorite. :)

Naughty:  I decided to see if it would be safe to put presents under the tree yet.  We wrapped the present for our cousins and put it under the tree.  Sawyer tested out his "while mom's in the shower" theory again.  He not only unwrapped the present, he took off the plastic and then got out his scissors to help him "open" the box.  Oh my.  So naughty!

Nice:  My neice Erica babysat for us the other night and helped the boys make a gingerbread house.  They had lots of fun and it was so nice of Erica to go to the effort, and for her mom to get it and bring it over for her. :) Thanks Sheryl and Erica!

Naughty:  Nate had put the Gingerbread house on the table to get it out of the way and Sawyer decided he really needed to try it out.  I caught him taking a bite of the roof and trying to bite off the mini M&M trim.  There was a puddle of drool below the roof and several sticky smeared candies. 

Nice:  Instead of waiting till Christmas, (sorry Erica), I let the boys eat the gingerbread house one night.  I figured it was that or have it nibbled away by Mr. Naughty.  The boys had lots of fun eating it right where it stood.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Models

I wanted to take some photos the other day and experiment with indoor lighting so I asked the boys if I could take pictures of them.  They were more than willing, but getting them to sit still for more than 5 seconds was another story. With Landon being quite the poser and Sawyer being quite the goof, we had some fun and got some silly pictures of my two favorite boys!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Days of Halloween

Day 1:  Friday
Friday began with Halloween for Landon.  He got to wear his costume to school, and since he couldnt wear his mask, I painted his face.  Sawyer (wearing his dog costume) and I went to Landon's school to watch him in the school costume parade.

That evening we had our ward halloween party.  I was medusa and Nate was a disco dude.  Jeanette did my makeup which turned out pretty cool, good job Nettie!  The party was alot of fun.  We had the traditional ward Salmon fry, which was delicious and then a costume parade of the kids and trunk or treating to finish it off. 

Day 2:  Saturday
That evening was supposed to be trick or treating, but with the weather, we had to improvise.  We trick or treated at Grandma and Grandpa Harris' and Pitts' and that turned out to be plenty of fun for the boys. They got enough candy from the trunk or treat Friday night that they were okay in the candy department, plus Landon had fun giving out candy to the handful of trickortreaters that came to our house. 

Day 3:  Sunday
Halloween evening we had our Harris Family Halloween Party.  It turned out pretty good.  We had chicken noodle soup and some other goodies brought by family.  We had our costume contest, and played a 'name that scary movie' game. I think we had some awesome costumes this year! here are some pics for you to enjoy!

Amber had an awesome Egyptian costume
 Nan & Jared as Nightmare Before Christmas
Becky and Ron as an Alien and a Lunch Worker
 Sawyer decided he didn't want to wear his dog costume, 
so he wore Landon's power ranger costume and was a muscle man.
 Ryan and Megan as a Dirt Biker and an Oompa Loompa
Nate and Lori as a Chipendale Dancer--censored for your benefit ;) and a last minute drapery ghost
 Becky was our winner
with Megan in 2nd
and Nan and Jared in 3rd

Monday, October 11, 2010

Turning 7 on 10-10-10

I've been trying to work on Landon's scrapbooks lately (I know, finally!), so it's been fun remembering my sweet little Landon over the last seven years.  I can't believe he's seven!   He's my little sweetheart.  He is always good for a hug and a kiss.  He tells me he loves me all the time.  He loves school and has a great imagination.  He is a goofball and we love him so very much.  He is the best big brother, always helping me out and playing with Sawyer.  He loves being with his family.  In every prayer he says "thank you that we could be together as a family today."

Happy Birthday Landon!

For Landon's birthday we had a fun little family carnival complete with a tatoo booth, wheelbarrow rides and a magic show! Thanks everyone for making it such a fun time, not only for Landon, but for all of us!

Present Time
Landon got to open his presents from us after church. Dad got him a boat Lego set, Sawyer got him the Star Wars Legos, and Mom got him his super cool jacket.
Later that evening at his carnival party he got to open many more presents from his (great)grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. He scored more Legos, a transformer, pj's, a couple new shirts, and a zhu zhu pet!
Thanks everyone!
Lego Mania
pictures by Nate
Daddy and Landon had fun putting together his new Lego sets
sunday afternoon and look forward to putting together more today! 

Knock down the cans!
by Jared and Nan

Wheelbarrow Rides
by Nate

by Grandma and Amber
 Bean Bag Toss
by Megan
My favorite part was when sawyer really wanted to get it in
the cats mouth so he decided to just walk right up and put it in. 

Penny Toss
by Amber

by Grandma and Daddy

We started with the youngest and went to the oldest.  By the time we got to Landon he succeeded in knocking the head off and then Gabe knocked off his legs. Sawyer cried when spider man's head came off, but had no problem taking the candy that came out of him.

Magic Show
by Ryan

Landon did a little "ooooo, presents!" dance here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

End of Summer Fun

We celebrated Megan's and Kate's birthdays
with hamburgers, brats, cake and ice cream cones.  
It was a fun little end of summer day.  
The kids had fun playing outside and eating cones and the
grownups had fun taking Ryan's mini bike for a spin.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Then and Now


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Pictures

Nate's sister Megan was kind enough to attempt family photos for us. Even though Sawyer was difficult and neither boy was very excited, I think she had great success (after a few head swaps). Thanks Megan!

                                 my two boys

       my sweet Landon