Friday, December 17, 2010

Naughty and Nice

Naughty:  Sawyer decided that while I took a shower was a good time to be naughty.  I think he was right.  A friend gave us an advent calendar with chocolates in it.  He decided that he wanted more than just one and so he hopped on a stool, got down the calendar and opened several doors so he could have "just one more." I ended up making Landon his own count down and hiding it and then I let Sawyer just eat the rest of his calendar. 

Nice:  Sawyer gave Landon a sweet hug and called him his favorite brother.  Granted, he's his only brother, but it was super sweet. :)

Naughty:  Landon is the king stalling.  Lately he does not want to go to bed, or do his chores.  He must think he's the only poor child that has to do chores and go to bed early.  He likes to sneak out of his room and try and con me into letting him stay up just a little longer.  Sometimes it works, but only for a few minutes. The other day I had asked him to do his chores, and just minutes later I found him on the computer playing a game.  He claimed he forgot.  Good try dude.

Nice:  I love when Landon and Sawyer play well together.  It's so nice when Landon can keep Sawyer occupied and entertained so I can get things done, like make dinner.  He's a very sweet big brother, no wonder he's Sawyer's favorite. :)

Naughty:  I decided to see if it would be safe to put presents under the tree yet.  We wrapped the present for our cousins and put it under the tree.  Sawyer tested out his "while mom's in the shower" theory again.  He not only unwrapped the present, he took off the plastic and then got out his scissors to help him "open" the box.  Oh my.  So naughty!

Nice:  My neice Erica babysat for us the other night and helped the boys make a gingerbread house.  They had lots of fun and it was so nice of Erica to go to the effort, and for her mom to get it and bring it over for her. :) Thanks Sheryl and Erica!

Naughty:  Nate had put the Gingerbread house on the table to get it out of the way and Sawyer decided he really needed to try it out.  I caught him taking a bite of the roof and trying to bite off the mini M&M trim.  There was a puddle of drool below the roof and several sticky smeared candies. 

Nice:  Instead of waiting till Christmas, (sorry Erica), I let the boys eat the gingerbread house one night.  I figured it was that or have it nibbled away by Mr. Naughty.  The boys had lots of fun eating it right where it stood.


amber said...

Boy you do have naughty children!! i'm glad mine are such PERFECT ANGELS...hahaha :)

Smithclan said...

I love how all the "naughtys" have a lot more words then the "nices". Funny stuff. I love stories like this, keep them coming!

beckie said...

Haha. This reminds me of all the times we had girls night and Landon would make such a stink about bedtime. I'm only slightly hurt that it isn't just my presence that makes him disobey.

Glad to see you blogging again. Miss you!