Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Goofy 3 year old!

Sawyer turned three on April 8th.  He has officially entered the goofy smile stages.

We've accomplished a lot since our cute boy turned three.

The Binkie:  I finally broke down and cut the tip off his binkie.  He was a little sad, but it was surprisingly easy. Now of course we wonder why we didn't do it a long time ago.  We told him he was too big and sucked too hard and wore out his binkie. :) 

The Baba and The Blankie:  With his binkie gone it has helped decrease some of his other dependencies.  He has fewer "babas" (sippees with milk) and uses his blanket less since there's no binkie to go with it.  A few weeks ago I rounded all the corners on his blanket.  He folded those rounded corners in half to make a new pointy corner.  Oh well. 

The Potty:  Grandma got Sawyer a potty for his birthday and he has been doing great! Yeah potty!

Sawyer's favorite things to say:
"Can I?" Repeatedly
"How'd you do that?" asked in a state of wonderment.
Sawyer is the king of dipthongs.  He throws them into just about any vowel situation.  It makes me laugh. I need to try and record some of them.    

Things Sawyer loves:
Batman, ScoobyDoo, Dora, Diego, treats of any kind, being crazy and silly, his new scooter, taking pictures, pancakes, frostys, french fries, dinosaurs, worms, digging in the dirt, suckers, and more that I can't list right now. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funny Sawyer

The other day Sawyer came to me with a stinky bum, plugging his nose and said, "Mom, I smell horrible."

This morning Sawyer was crying about his binkie (we're trying to get rid of it).  He was standing in the kitchen and I noticed a small puddle by his feet, so I asked "What's all over the floor?" He said, "My tears."