Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harris Halloween

Here are some pictures from our Halloween Party the week before Halloween. It turned out pretty well. We played some games, ate some food, and had some fun. :)

Best Costume Winners
Lori, Becky, Paul

Keith, NaLynn, and Preston
(somehow NaLynn escaped our camera!)

Ryan & Megan

Ron & Becky

Natalie & Tawny

The Wolf Family
(Adam, Kate, Gabe, & Amber)

The Malan Family
(Kate, Cameron, Paul, Corbin, Craig & Wendy)

The Harris Family
(Nate, Lori, Sawyer & Landon)


Danielle Smith said...

Nice costume, Lori!!

JJ said...

Those are the most hysterical pictures I have seen!!!

WOW!! its amazing to see some of the people you grew up with, have families!! (well mostly grew up)

you guys have not changed at all!!!!