Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is the costume Lori worked so hard on this year. She's the best. Love you honey!


Paul said...

A well deserved best costume award for that one. But Nate, that's not really a great look for you. It's downright creepy.

Lori said...

Ya it does look a bit creepy, but it won the costume contest at Larson Davis.

Woodworth Family said...

Of course it won the costume contest! Did you expect anyone else to win? We are still showing off your KISS costume to all our friends! You guys are the BEST!! Hope your Annual Halloween Party was fun, even though we weren't there!

P.S. Tyler saw the pic and said, "Is that Nate?"

Jarubla said...

Yowza! A home made costume? Impressive!!

Great pictures Harris fam!