Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally . . .

. . . I'm actually updating my blog, and yes it will be a mass update so if you don't have several minutes to devote to our little family, come back later. :)

. . . Sawyer is one year old and he is finally sleeping in his own bed in his room and even mostly sleeping through the night. I can't believe he is already a year old! It has gone by so fast! I love our cute little Sawyer. He is such a funny character, with a personality all his own. What would we do with out him?
We had a little birthday party for his first year. Here's the sweet cake(s) I made him.
He had a sweet haul on birthday presents, and yes, he pretty much made this same face through the whole evening!
Like I said . . . the same face all night!

He dug right into his cake, and even dumped it on the floor a few times. He seemed to enjoy what he ate of it, but really liked squishing it through his fingers.

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

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beckie said...

2 posts in one day! Checking your blog every day has finally paid off.

I love that look, its blatant stare. I'm glad to know he makes it all the time though because I kind of thought it was just me...