Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Happenings

Do you just love how I blog infrequently and then it's a million things at once? So here you go:
The Holidays
We enjoyed a thanksgiving feast with the Harris Family and took some sweet pictures for our Christmas card:

fa la la ha ha ha!

When we put up our tree I was afraid Sawyer was going to tear it apart, but his favorite thing to do was roll under it and play with the bottom branches, and the ribbon on the presents.

Our hometeacher volunteered us to take pictures at our ward party. Nate got the night off so he could take them, and did a good job. Here are the ones of our boys and a couple other sweet ones.

Christmas Eve found us at Grandma and Grandpa Harris's for dinner and a special visitor! Landon commented that he thought it was really Grandpa dressed up, but then when his turn came to sit on his lap, he was a little scared. It was pretty funny.

Christmas morning was pretty exciting. It was fun to see Landon just as excited about everyone else's presents as he was his own, and Sawyer of course loved playing with the boxes and wrapping paper more than the toys he got.
Sawyer, along with toys, got his first tooth for Christmas! The poor thing, he got a cold the week or so before Christmas and was teething (although I didn't realize it) at the same time, so he was pretty miserable. Then Landon, Nate and I got the same cold for Christmas. It was a pretty fun holiday despite being sick. We had Nate home to ourselves (mostly) for 5 days in a row, so we enjoyed some quality family time.

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