Monday, October 19, 2009

6 Years Old

I can't believe Landon is 6 already (as of the 10th). He's getting so big. I look at him and he looks so grown up, although, thankfully, there are times I still see my baby boy in him too. Landon got to have his very first friend birthday party. It was a superhero party, so we decorated our own masks, played pin the shield on the Power Ranger and 'superhero, superhero, villain' (formerly known as duck, duck, goose). We also ate some cupcakes, and had lots of fun.

For our family party I made him an IronMan cake. It was my first (and last) attempt at fondant. It was far from enjoyable, but turned out pretty good....and then of course I screwed up the 'Happy Birthday'. Oh well, it's the thought that counts...I think. :)

The Silly Six Year Old


Tiffany said...

Dude is there anything you can't do? That cake is awesome. What a talented friend I have. I know why don't we open a party planing buisness, you do all the photos, cakes ,etc and i'll do the hmmm bookkeeping.

beckie said...

That Iron Man looks incredible. I know you said that its your last attempt at fondant but don't you think an iron man baby shower would be just the right thing?