Thursday, June 9, 2011


We finally got the dog Nate has been wanting for the longest time.  Her name is Sunny and she is a yellow lab.  She is the cutest dog ever. :)  She's also rather naughty, seeing as how she loves to nip at us constantly.  We are working on that.  But she also loves to cuddle with me, which totally wins points in the cutest dog ever category.  She will be an outside dog, and currently spends the day outside and sleeps most of the night in our laundry room.  She has already learned so much since we got her and we're excited for the fun times ahead once we get her trained properly. 
It took a few days for the boys to get used to her.  Sawyer went from running away screaming anytime she came near and plugging his ears whenever she whined to having mostly no fear, and this: 

Landon still is a little timid, especially with the nipping, but we are all making progress. 

Here are some pictures of our sweet little puppy.

Seriously.  Cutest dog ever!



Tara Wayne Malakai Maddux Kenya Alofipo said...

We go back and forth constantly about whether or not to get a dog. We keep saying, "let's get the yard done," and "let's wait until the fence is in," and "maybe when the kids are older." I think we'll get one. Just not today.:) Yours is adorable! I'll send my kids up to play with it.

Tara Wayne Malakai Maddux Kenya Alofipo said...

That's weird. This is Krystal, and I'm logged into my account but it posted as my sister. Sorry!