Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Scare

I seem to have found some extra time to finally update our blog. I am sitting in the hospital, 32 weeks pregnant, looking forward to possibly two weeks of comfy hospital beds and delicious hospital food.
Early this morning, about 5am, I started bleeding heavily and we came to the hospital. Our initial thoughts were that I was going into labor early again and we were a bit freaked out. (Landon delivered at 34.5 weeks) When we got to the hospital I was dilated to a 2 and 75 percent effaced. Luckily labor isn't progressing and the bleeding has stopped mostly. Unfortunately the bleeding and the cause of it is a major concern, hence my prolonged stay here.
Worst-case scenario: Bleeding starts again and they have to deliver the baby c-section.
Best-case scenario: No more bleeding, placenta is fine, baby holds off till at least 34 weeks. If things are still great at 34 weeks I could possible go home till normal labor starts, otherwise we'd deliver after the 34 weeks.
The baby is doing great and is weighing in at 4 lbs 14 oz. They say 32 week babies do really well, but 34 weeks is optimal.
I'm feeling fine mostly. I'm not really looking forward to the stay, but would rather stay two weeks than have the baby come any earlier.
Landon is looking forward to spending quality time with Grandma Harris and the family, and Nate likes having the Discovery channel to watch. He'll be going back to school and work tomorrow and sleeping at home with Landon at nights until something happens.
So, fun times for us all. Wish us luck and we'll keep you posted.

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Thank you for the update, the Blairs are pulling for you w/ prayers and positive thoughts. Get some rest, enjoy the hospital food, and think a lot about the Hoover dam ;)