Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, with mixed feelings I was able to come home from the hospital on Friday afternoon. Part of me wanted to just stay there so I wouldn't have to worry, but the other part just wanted to be home. Thankfully things are going just fine at home. I'm more comfortable for the most part and just being at home is always comforting. Landon is spending the day with Grandma Harris and then will be home usually in the evenings with someone here to help me with him. He doesn't seem to mind all the change and he loves being with Grandma. We are so very grateful for all her help!
I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday and a non-stress test as well. The baby is moving fine, so I'm sure that will go well. Then next week I have an ultrasound as well as my next appointment. Next Sunday will make me 34 weeks. That's my short-term goal with all this bed rest. Once we reach that goal we will take it a day at a time. Honestly, bed rest is a pain in my rear-end, and my hips, and my back... hehe. The first half of the day is usually fine. I try and sleep in as long as I can to take up time, and the fact that I don't really sleep that well. Then I occupy myself with other things: movies, reading, blogging, messaging. The last half of the day, after dinner time, is hard cause my body is usually sore and I'm bored, irritable, lonely, etc. (depends on the day hehe). So, we'll see how this week goes! I'll try to update after my appointments.
Thanks to everyone for all their help and love! I appreciate all you do for us!

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