Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We, of course, didnt take any pictures Christmas morning, just video.  But I think the boys had an awesome Christmas.  Daddy went a little crazy and got them lots of stuff.  Landon's favorite was the Wii Santa brought, and Sawyer's favorite was the Bat Cave.  My favorite was the flash for our camera and I think Nate's favorite was secretly the Wii too.  
After playing with presents and eating some candy for breakfast we headed over to the Harris's for Christmas brunch.  Grandma needed a cute Christmas picture with the boys, but Sawyer wasn't very cooperative, surprise, I know.   Oh well, more funny memories. 
 It just wouldn't be a Harris Christmas if we didn't take the 'traditional' goofy picture with the Santa hat on. 
This post is pretty sad, I know. I need to add more journaling when I'm feeling inspired. :) But enjoy the pictures!

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Smithclan said...

where's meg? fun santa pictures!