Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Things I Love . . .

I decided for this month of loOoove to do a daily post about something I love.  I've been needing something more positive in my life with this horrid freezing weather and the winter doldrums setting in.  So I thought it would help me to focus on one thing I love each day of the month, plus it would get me blogging and thinking more.  I forgot to start it yesterday, so here are the first two days of loOooove.  :)

The Things I Love:  Day 1
I love that almost every day when I drop Landon off for school, Sawyer reminds him to give him a hug and a kiss.  Landon forgot yesterday and Sawyer was so sad.  This morning Sawyer reminded Landon and even asked for second hugs and said "I love you too Lanon" (not a type-o, that's how Sawyer says it). Brotherly Love.  Sawyer even does it for me often when I go to work.  I tell them bye and Sawyer comes running saying "kiss" or "hug" he then pulls that silly binkie right out and delivers.  What a sweet boy.

The Things I Love:  Day 2

I love eyes.  I know that sounds weird, but I love people's eyes, the variety of colors, the expressions they make and they way they sparkle or crinkle up.  I think that's what I focus on when I take pictures.  Eyes say so much about people.  Here are some examples:
I love this face of Landon's, mainly because those eyes are saying "I love you mom"

I love Sawyer's eyes.  It's been fun to watch them change color. They started grey and then the centers started changing to brown and then they were all brown. Now they seem to be getting more amber in the center.  Who knows what they'll end up like, maybe hazel/green like Nate's and mine.

I took a couple shots of my friends baby, Calloway, when they were over the other day.  He has amazing eyes, especially when he smiles, they just light up even more. He was a little scared of the camera, so I couldn't get a full on smile out of him. 

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