Friday, February 11, 2011

The Things I Love . . . 4 thru 11

Okay so I'm a lot behind in my loving of things and blogging.
Here goes some catching up - hope you have a minute.

The Things I Love:  4  I love pottery barn.  I know, it's completely out of my price range and I'll probably never actually shop there but I love getting their free catalogs and getting great decorating ideas from them.  Here are some fav's of late: 

I love this room! The windows, the white,
the cool plant hangers on the walls
(I'd like to find something like that).

I love how they always have these huge branches of blossoms in containers.
I love them.
I love the idea of the sectioned picture above the couch.  I'd like to do this with a picture of some sort in our house, maybe above our tv. I just need to find or take the perfect picture. Any ideas?

The Things I Love:  5
I love Masaman Curry from the restaurant formerly known as Thai Chili Garden.  Mmmm, I could eat it every day.  I don't even mind when it's spicy.  (I don't love spicy foods, if it's gonna be spicy the flavor has to be worth the spiciness - this is!)

The Things I Love:  6
Since we're already talking about food, I love cheesecake.  Seriously, I love it. It's got to be the nice heavy textured REAL cheesecake. None of this fake, wanna be crap with cheesecake flavoring.  I really love Key Lime Cheesecake from, of course, The Cheesecake Factory.  (Remember when we bought one Wendi?)

The Things I Love:  7
I love to read.  Every since I can remember I've loved to read.  I'd rather read than almost anything else, of course I don't but, there are times when I get completely absorbed in a book and don't want to do anything else (my family loves that), I just want to finish my book! I read for entertainment, the pure enjoyment of escaping into another world for a short time.  I have always loved fantasy.  Lately I've been reading a lot of Young Adult and Juvenile Fiction. Here are some books I've read, if you're interested, on Goodreads.

The Things I Love:  8
In case you don't already know, I love crafty/creative things.  I go through my phases. I've done cards, scrapbooking, jewelry, crocheting, painting ceramics, embroidery, you name it and I've probably tried it or at least thought about it.  Right now my creative outlet is digital. It's so immediately gratifying and costs less. :)  I also am venturing into re-purposing clothes, if only I could finish one. I also decided to make my own scripture cover recently.  It isn't perfect (the flap ended up being a little short), but I like it.  The flower was super easy and turned out so cute.  I love the embelishing part of things. :) And the best part was I made it all out of scraps I had in my fabric bag.  Free is awesome.

The Things I Love:  9
I love tulips.  I'm not a rose kinda girl. I love tulips. They're simple, come in so many colors, come up in the spring. I just love them, they make me happy.  (no, this is not a hint for Valentine's, or our anniversary)

The Things I Love:  10
I love to sing.  Sadly I haven't been singing much for a while and so I kinda suck now.  I need to fix that.  Now that church is a little later I might venture to sing in sacrament meeting. Wanna play for me Wendi? :) Oh yeah, I need to find a song too. Any requests/suggestions?  Maybe I should break down and go to ward choir...hmm. I'll think about it.  After all that, I really do love to sing and the music I listen to reflects that.  Anything I can belt along with has me as a fan. :) Heard this song by Jesse Clark Funk over Christmas and loved it, want to sing it.  She has such a cool voice.

The Things I Love:  Day 11
Okay, so now that I'm caught up (and yes it was a little difficult) I can do today.  I love dress season.  I didn't realize there was a dress season till last year, but it is my favorite.  It's spring and summer in case you're wondering.  There are so many cute fun dresses out there right now.  Sadly a lot of them end up being too short or sleeveless, but that's where shrugs and cardigans come in right? As for the short problem, I found some extender slips on etsy, or you can make your own, or just sew an extension right onto your dress/skirt. (If you know anyone who sells slip extenders let me know!) I need to do that to one of mine.  I also have an old dress I'd like to update too (I'll be sure and take pictures when I get around to it). 

 I'm totally in love with the ruffles on the end dress. Maybe the dress I update will have those...

 Isn't that vogue dress such a cute summer dress? So comfy looking - make it from a knit and you're set.  I might just have to sew me a dress. I need to learn to love sewing again, heck I'd settle for liking sewing again. :)

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Smithclan said...

Oh yah!!! you updated. I love it! And yes I remember getting that cheesecake and making all the boys wait for us and keeping our HUGE cheesecakes in our little tiny fridge! Fun times. Yes let's sing again...LOVE your voice! Hey I should start a blog of things I love about Lori! Hugs!