Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Things I Love . . .12 - 16

The things I Love:  12
I love photography. Yes, you know this.  It all started when my niece got engaged fourish years ago and my brother had just bought a nice camera.  I said "Hey, can I try and take your engagements and if they suck, at least it was free and you can try again with someone else."  They turned out pretty good, so I asked if I could try to do her bridals too.  Those were so fun and turned out pretty good too.  So the next year we bought ourselves a camera and Nate got in on the action too.   We have been doing little photo shoots for friends and family ever since.  The thing I love the most is the post processing. Making the images we took look amazing.  I love portrait photography the most.  Individuals, couples, kids.  It's been fun to find a new hobby and develop a new talent that incorporates other talents I have as well.  I love being able to capture those faces that people love, and love trying to give people photos they love of themselves, because who doesn't want a picture of themselves that they actually like? 

The things I Love:  13
Movies I love.   Here are some random movies that I've always loved watching. 
Pride and Prejudice with Collin Firth
Emma with Gwenyth Paltrow
Slipper and the Rose
Thoroughly Modern Millie
If The Shoe Fits
Big Trouble in Little China (I told you it was random)
The Chipmunk Adventure
I'm sure there's more but that'll do.

The things I Love:  14
I love my Landon.  He's my sweetheart. I love that he's always good for a hug and a kiss when I need one. I love that he loves school and loves his friends and his brother.  I love that he always says thank you in his prayers that he got to spend time with his family.  I love when he comes in my bedroom in the morning and gives me a hug and says "hi mama."  I love the way his eyes crinkle up and the small smile he gives that says I love you. 

The things I Love:  15
I love my sweet baby Sawyer.  He's such a sweet little stinker.  I love his little attitude, his laugh, oh I love that laugh.  I love his smile and his sparkly eyes. I love that he runs up when I'm leaving and gives me a hug and kiss (after pulling out his binkie).  I love kissing his sweet squishy cheeks.  I love when he wraps his arms around my neck and says "my mama."  I love that he's so tough when he gets hurt.  I love that he finally loves nursery and that when daddy asks "who are you going to color a picture for today" he says "Mom" (sorry Daddy).

The things I Love:  16
I love Nate.  Today we celebrated our 9th anniversary. I love that he gave me a card for Valentine's and one for our anniversary too.  I love that he got me white tulips. I love that he got me my favorite treat: cadbury creme eggs.  I love that even after 9 years and two kids he still thinks I'm hot.  I love that he helps me be a better wife and mother and housekeeper and cook.  I love that he's such a great dad and so sweet with our boys.  I love his sense of humor, his singing, his hugs and kisses.  I love his sweet smile that still takes my breath away.  I love you Nathan!

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beckie said...

Um, hello. All those movies ring a bell with craft night extravaganzas. I love If the Shoe Fits! And Willow! and The Chipmunk Adventure.

Ah, I miss you