Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Sawyer

The three B's
Baba:  The sippee cup of milk we can't seem to get rid of.
Binki:  The plug that is never far away, yet always being searched for, that really needs to be permanently lost.
Blankie: The sweet blanket Danielle gave us that's been used, abused, made smaller, and stuck into nose and ears on a regular basis.  I need to remove all corners from the blankie.  

(Sawyer saw these pics and said "that's me sticking my corners in my nose like this" and then proceeded to demonstrate the above picture as well as a double ear job.  Nice.)

I can't
Lately Sawyer likes to say he can't. Here's a rather cute example of his "I can't"
Mr. Naughty pants was having a rather disobedient day.  Daddy, trying to encourage him to be more like Christ said, "Why can't you be good like Jesus?" and Sawyer said "No, I can't be good like that" (said with a 'duh dad, don't be ridiculous' tone).

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