Thursday, July 7, 2011

"I'm 3 and good at it" Photoshoot

I finally took Sawyer's 3 year old pictures.  Honestly sometimes I think it's pointless when he doesnt listen and I end up yelling at him to smile.  Kinda defeats the purpose.  But I did end up getting more cute ones than I thought I did.  He wore Landon's cute old suit that finally fit him along with his Easter tie.  He loved that tie that first Sunday he wore it.  He kept saying, "Look at my new tie" to anyone and everyone he saw. 

 On this one I forgot to adjust my flash and so it was completely overexposed, but it was just too cute to not try and save.  I kinda like the sketchy look I ended up with.


Here he is sooo ready to be done.  :) What a cute mad face.

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Tiffany said...

He is a good lookin kid! Love the picture with his hands in his pockets. Also love the pictures of your family. Your mom looks so much like you girls.