Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Summer So Far

So, I tried to post this the other day but was having technical difficulties, so now that I can't sleep at 4am, I figured I'd try again. :)

I forgot to post Landon's last day of school, so here it is.  He loved his first grade teacher, Mrs. Wells.  She is a sweetheart.  He also got to know our neighbor Jade who ended up in his class. They are great friends and have such a good time together.  We're glad to have her around. :)

 He also loved his classmates.  Here are a few of his friends: 
Santiago, Evan, Noah (and Jade sneaking in the background).
So summer finally came and this is what it has brought us:

Duck feedings at Nielsen Grove Park:

we love flip flops, who doesn't? they slip on so quickly and when you can get them for so cheap, they're the perfect summer shoe :)

Summer also brought us a fun little virus called Fifth Disease, yes it sounds terrible, but wasn't.  Just a sunburn-like rash that didn't itch but lasted a couple weeks tops.  My boys had no other symptoms, just the rash.  
Following our fun diseased state Landon got pinkeye.  Luckily no one else got it, and Landon (Mr. Sensitive Eyes) became the champion at getting eye-drops put in.   
(do you like that special effect?  it makes the pinkeye look terrible :))

 Summer also brought Nate one more birthday.  He turned 33 this year.  

We have tried to have lots of free fun this summer, playing in the backyard in the sprinklers and with our supersoakers.  The boys love it because not only do they get to play in the water but we can be outside with our dog and she wont bug them in the sprinklers.  She's doing great, by the way, our not so little anymore Sunny.  She's learning and behaving better and better each day.  She loves to get drinks from the boys supersoakers.

I tried to take some brother's pictures for Great Grandma's birthday but they didn't really turn out.  Landon had this weird look on his face the whole time and my camera skills flopped as well.  They're cute for memories sake though.  I'll be trying again before winter gets here.


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