Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fort Idea

I found this awesome idea for a fort/castle/playhouse type project that you can make to fit over a table.  I would love to make one that we can just throw up over our dining table when the boys need a fort to play in during the winter time.  Maybe I can do it for brave am I feeling?   Here's the link.   I'll keep you posted on my ideas for it.  I obviously need something boyish and it will have to be rectangular as well.  I might forgo the top, we'll see. 

Also found these on etsy, I could so do this!

Aha! I kept looking and found exactly what I wanted plan-wise, now I just need to figure out what style to make it! Find it here!  I think coincidentally that this is from Susan Jaussi's sister's blog! Small world!

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