Sunday, April 13, 2008

Halfway Home

I came home from the hospital Friday evening! Woohoo. It's nice to be home after being there for so long. I'm feeling much better, still sore and I have bad moments, but lots better for the most part.
We've been going back and forth to the hospital to feed baby Sawyer three times a day so far. He's doing really well. They hope to have him off the IV by Tuesday and after that they'll work on getting him in a bed without a warmer and on more feedings till he's only being nursed (right now they alternate nursing with the feeding tube).
He's such a little cutie. He makes the funniest faces. I'll get some new pictures uploaded as soon as I can.

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Woodworth Family said...

YEA!!! Congrats! I was excited to check your blog and find out I had a lot of catching up to do! I'm sorry you were in and out of the hospital so many times! Sawyer is a little cutie! We are so excited for your family!