Friday, April 25, 2008


As some of you know, Landon has a large vocabulary, but even so he sometimes has a hard time finding just the right word, so . . . he makes up his own. Here are a few that he came up with not too long ago.
yaunkey: used in the sentence - "my face is yaunkey" meaning "I have food on my face."
crynkey: chunky. used in the sentence - "My mac and cheese is all crynkey."
cloggy: bunched up. Used mostly in reference to his socks: "My socks are all cloggy." This is his most used word.
Anywho, our little smarty pants is a hoot. We sure love having him around!


Sorensens said...

LOL those are some awesome words!!

Woodworth Family said...

Don't ya just love the funny things kids say? Your little Sawyer is soo cute! I'm glad he is such a good boy! Hopefully Landon is holding up as well!