Sunday, May 17, 2009


My friend, Beckie, once said that if you want a pat on the back for something, you just post it on your blog. :) This is one of those posts. hehe
I'm a wanna-be graphic designer. As I've said before, I love to design stuff in Photoshop. About a year ago I started a little side business making photo cards. So far it's been for friends and family mostly (thank you family!). I just thought I'd post my most recent projects on here for you to 'enjoy'.
I recently renamed my design blog, so if you're interested in seeing more you can check it out here: LJH Design.
I really just love designing, but would love it even more (wouldn't we all) if I could make money doing it. :) So, no pressure! Just enjoy! (But if you happen to send a referral my way, there are perks in it for you!)

My Nephew's Graduation Announcement Designs

Eagle Court of Honor InvitationBaptism Invitation Designs

Website Header
Logo for Strikerfest Soccer Tournament


Danielle Smith said...

I think you are oh so incredibly talented!! I looked on your webpage, I noticed my baby is on there!! Sweet! If I had only known that you could have done that for me! Dang it!! Well, for the next baby for sure!

Smithclan said...

Danielle, are you announcing anything?

Lori! You know how some people have a "button" they put on their blog? Can you make one and I'll put it on mine!

Utah said...

Can't believe you don't have the UTAH FC Adidas Strikerfest 2009 logo you created for the club up on your site.

It is fantastic work and it will be on thousands of tshirts and medals which will be worn in several states and all over Utah!

Nate and Lori said...

Danielle - just let me know and I'll do whatever you want!
Wendi - totally, great idea!
Utah - I know! I need to do a logo post!

Tiffany said...

They are awesome. A talent I obviously didn't know about. How much would you charge? How are the kids feeling? Are you coming to visit soon?

beckie said...

Here's your pat on the back. I wish I had something to annouce, then I could utilize your services.