Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tooth Fairy Time

Friday night Landon told me his tooth was loose. I couldn't believe it! I asked him to show me and sure enough, his bottom two teeth were loose, one of them super loose. I can't believe he'd just noticed it. A half hour later he shouted out: Mom! My tooth came out! Yes, my child noticed his first loose tooth and lost it all with in a couple of hours. Craziness. It was a special moment, I even almost shed a tear. Seriously though, it was one of those special mommy moments where you realize your little boy isn't so little anymore.


Smithclan said...

Yeah, I can totally relate! I have a feeling I'll be sheding alot of tears in the next couple weeks. Sure love you guys!

amber said...

Gabe will be so excited to hear this!! I wish he'd lose his silver tooth.