Thursday, May 7, 2009


My mom was the queen of muumuu's, caftan's, or house dresses as you might know them. She had a million of them. So, when she passed away my sister took all her muumuu's and cut them in to quilt squares for each of us. I have yet to actually make a quilt with them.
My friend had this quilt on her blog. (I hope she doesn't mind me copying :)) It was my inspiration to finally make my mom's muumuu quilt. I'm posting this on here so you can bug me about it to make sure I actually make it now. :)


beckie said...

Do it. As the friend who inspried you, I say do it. I started cutting out last night- it freaking takes forever. I have a rotary cutter if you need to borrow one.

Tiffany said...

That is going to be so awesome. I remember some of those. It'd be fun to see when it's finished. Go for it.

The Smith Clan said...

I love the pattern - you'll have to post your finished product