Friday, February 24, 2012

Goofy, goofy boy

I quite possibly have one of the goofiest boys in the world.  My Sawyer is such a goofball.  I was letting him play with a little water and a few toys in the bathroom sink the other day.  I went out for a few minutes when he asked to take off his clothes.  I went back in and he had taken off everything and climbed in the sink and was 'washing' himself with his underwear.  Awesome.  What a goof ball. 

Sawyer is getting to be a better boy, but he still has his days.  A few new things:   He's started threatening me to do something bad when he doesn't get what he wants.  For example, the other day before church he was all dressed and decided he wanted a messy chocolate muffin.  I told him not until after church.  He threatened to take off his tie and mess up his hair. 
But, he has started telling me randomly that he loves me so much.  He just said it out of the blue for the first time a couple weeks ago, "Mom, I love you so much." It was so very sweet.  I love him so much too.  He's the sweetest boy.  I just have to remind myself that sometimes. :)

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beckie said...

I love that second shot of him checking himself out in the mirror. So funny.

Nice to know we can use underwear if we run out of washcloths:)