Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Decor

So, in my effort to decorate more for the smaller holidays, I found a few ideas on Pinterest and turned them into my own.

Leprechaun hat full of gold
I made it from a bowl I found at the thrift store which I painted.  Then I cut a piece of heavy cardboard in the shape of circle to fit in the hat.  I hot glued a mound of big cotton balls to the cardboard to make a hill.  Then I hot glued pebbles and rocks to make the mound and painted them gold.  Add a sash around the hat and a buckle and there you have it.  It's sitting atop one of my many candlesticks (this one happens to be from a re-purposed table torch lamp). 


Mossy Wood Shamrock
& Subway Art
My shamrock I found again at the thrift store and hot glued moss to it.  The subway art I found for free online.  The frame I pulled out of my box of extra frames and repainted it cream and distressed it.  



Decorative Vases
Bought a couple vases from the dollar store
and candles to fit inside
and split peas from walmart.  
Total spent : 5.00 
How easy was that? 

 Moss Rock Topiary
This topiary I made from a dollar store styrofoam ball and 3-4 packs of moss rocks also purchased at the dollar store.  The cracks between the rocks are filled in with moss.  The trunk is made from some apple tree twigs twisted together and glued at the top and bottom.  As soon as I find some more cheap moss rocks I'm going to add another tier to the topiary. :)


Mossy Felt Shamrock
I decided I didn't like this shamrock just plain felt. 
(I got it from the dollar store)
So I glued . . .

yep you guessed it, I hot glued moss to it.  

 The finished mossy shamrock :)

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Danielle Smith said...

Me likey! You are so talented and clever! I think you have a great eye for detail.