Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Day

I decided to do something a little more fun for Valentines Day this year.  We started with heart place settings, plates decorated with syrup and whipped cream hearts, heart pancakes, and milk with heart shaped ice cubes.  The ice cubes were strawberry flavored milk and didn't float :(  Oh well, they were cute anyway. 
For lunch Landon got a heart shaped pb and honey sandwich, heart shaped cheese cubes (carved by hand) and a little valentine note from me.  Sawyer had a heart shaped hotdog and heart shaped cheese as well.  Nate got heart shaped cottage cheese on his spaghetti, hahaha. 
The boys got me some beautiful red tulips and a sweet card with chocolates.  I think we all had a special Valentines day together this year. 
For teacher gifts we made Rollo dynamite that said "U R the Bomb"

I'd like to try and make each smaller holiday a little more fun like this.  We don't do enough little fun things in our lives.

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